Sheba Women’s Empowerment Program will launch in 2017. The program is an economic and personal self-sufficiency project for low-income women. It creates opportunities for women to improve their lives by providing support and access to education, business, and self-help trainings, allowing women to increase their income, develop self-confidence, and attain their goals. To augment the cycle of sustainability within our programs, Learning Lions mothers will have priority in applications to the program.

At the end of phase 1 of the training program, women are supported as they develop business proposals. In phase 2, project beneficiaries can apply for Start Up Package of materials and/or funds to begin or expand their business idea. Additional mentoring and support will allow them to carry out their plans. Upon completion of the full program, beneficiaries are given a certificate of good standing.

We envision our successful women becoming part of the mentoring process for subsequent program participants both enhancing their own professional development and encouraging local sustainability.


  • 100% Program completion rate.
  • Increased understanding and skill sets needed to run small businesses individually and through locally based women’s cooperatives. 
  • Increased potential for income generating, self directed work sufficient to provide for all their children’s needs.
  • Investment and reinvestment in their own communities to raise the tide for everyone.