GFI Empowers marginalized women and children in the world's most vulnerable populations 

Global Family Initiative works to eradicate global poverty with a focus on education, family, community, and health. GFI’s first venture is the Betasab Project, located in Ethiopia.


Our Programs

Origins Homes are permanent family homes for 20 orphaned children. They go to local schools and have nutritious food, healthcare, and a loving network. Learning Lion Scholarship children receive tuition scholarships and programming to help them stay in school. SHEBA women receive training and assistance in taking financial control of their future.

How We're Different

 Instead of focusing on the short term or on international adoption, our programs focus on the long run by emphasizing holistic development. Education is the thread that runs through all of our programs.


  • Work to alleviate poverty and mitigate vulnerability

  • Improve the outlook for the future for women and children through education and empowerment

  • Increase the odds of success by focusing on sustainable measures and programs


Betasab means Family in Amharic.  But family and relationship are not just words – they are the bedrock principles, along with honesty and transparency, of Betasab and the Global Family Initiative.  Being part of the organization means being part of the Family.